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A unique, shiny Red Alfa Romeo sport car, prototype model C8, was conveyed to Israel’s Automotor Exhibition which takes place every spring in the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center...

Although the decision to bring the vehicle to Israel was made at the last moment by Fiat Group Management, thanks to fast action and a perfect team effort on the part of Av-Dor and Savino del Bene Italy (Torino office), the car was delivered 4 days prior to the official opening, in time for the press conference, which usually takes place before the opening of the exhibition to the public.
At the end of the exhibition, we arranged the C8 to be moved to the Fiat Representative Show Room for a private show.
In addition, we arranged the re-packing of the automobile with full supervision and its dispatch by airfreight back to Italy.
We implemented the same method one year later when we brought two Fiat 500 Abarth new versions to the Automotor Exhibition and back to Italy afterwards.