Air Shipments

Air Freight Services Inbound to and Outbound from Israel

Israel has one International Airport that serves both passenger and cargo airplanes.
At the airport, there are two official terminals, (Maman and Swiss), that handle all Israeli traffic. These terminals monitor the traffic processed and prepared for export and/or received from airplanes as import.
Av-Dor Express Line employees are fully authorized to enter both terminals and expedite the handling of both import and export cargo.
In addition to our headquarters in Ramat Gan,(Greater Tel Aviv), located 15km from the airport, we maintain a front office in the Maman terminal in order to provide on-site assistance.
Av-Dor Express Line cuts AWB’s in our Airport office, thereby enabling fast and efficient processing.
Please note that due to security and government regulations, Israeli freight forwarders do not build pallets in their own warehouse, unlike those in other countries.
Our professional staff is experienced in dealing with both Direct and Consolidate Shipments worldwide and is IATA certified to handle shipments including DGR cargo.
We pride ourselves on our personal service and thanks to our worldwide network and close connections with main carriers,we are able to offer competitive rates for your import and export shipments.